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  • The charcoal rod machine is a latest charcoal briquette machine which can compress sawdust bamboo wood shells straw and o
  • The charcoal tablets machine is mainly used for charcoal powder pressing with changeable molds. And the charcoal shape ca
  • This charcoal machine called carbon charcoal extruder, can be charcoal molding, forming a square carbon rods, carbon rods
  • Hongrun hopper feeder is used for feeding powdered material or small particle material, which can get the materials shunt
  • This charcoal powder mixer is a wheel pan mill for charcoal powder grinding and mixing after carbonization.
  • The rod machine is made of wood, rice husk, peanut shell, plant straw and other carbonaceous wood materials, in high pres
  • Pressure ball machine is mainly used to suppress difficult molding powder material, which is characterized by large moldi
  • The structure of the rotary sieve is composed of a rotary sieve. It is different from the universal sense of the cylindri
  • Continuous carbonization furnace equipment is the raw material of peanut shell sawdust bagasse branch rice husk sorghum r
  • This carbonization furnace is our latest carbonization equipment, which isa tank-type dry distillation carbonization stov


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