Template Crusher


Product Introducton:
Template crusher is a professional grinding equipment for the site template, bamboo veneer scrap, shelves, bracket and tray. 
It processes main materials are waste building templates, wood plate, container, waste wood boxes, etc. The waste template crusher mainly consists of work platform, feed roller and feed conveyor. Raw material size is approximately max width is 1.2 meter and the max thickness is 200mm.The machine can smash width 1.2 meters, 3-30 centimeters thickness of waste building wood template. The crushed wood pallet can be used as burning fuel for biomass electric power plant, boiler factory, and paper making factory and so on.



The construction template shredder consists of the main part of the feed roller and the conveyor. Feeding: Place the wood to be broken. Feed roller: control the feed speed and keep the sheet from slipping and not feeding ; Screw crushing roller: in the roll along the circumference of the uniform welding of the cutter to ensure that the crushing roller in the circumferential direction of the same force; feed pressure roller with UCK series bearing plus spring compression mechanism, can be adapted to the different thickness of the plate broken ; Feed pressure roller and crushing roller with different power system, easy to control.


Usage and Advantage:

Template crusher is special equipment for crushing the formwork on the building, wooden pallets, containers, crates and so on. The formwork crusher can crush any formwork with iron, such as formwork with nails, packing boxes, waste wood, containers and other building forms, and fully separate the nails from the formwork. 


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