Continuous carbonization furnace

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    The continuous carbonization furnace equipment is made of peanut shells, sawmills, corn stalks, bagasse, rice husk, bamboo chips, sorghum rods, sunflower seeds, lees, corn cobs, sorghum rods, coconut shells, coffee grounds , Dry beans and other waste as raw materials, after high temperature made of high quality, environmentally friendly and efficient mechanism of charcoal or charcoal, continuous carbonization furnace produced by the carbon material clean non-toxic, high thermal energy, the market is selling well, Broad prospects.
This product is my factory's latest products, mainly in the high temperature semi-anaerobic conditions, the raw materials in the water, wood acetic acid and wood tar to the carbon, the whole process, by the artificial control of carbonization temperature, carbonization Stable quality, simple operation, convenient, easy to learn. Can be customized according to customer demand output size.

Continuous carbonization furnace structure and working principle:
    Continuous carbonization furnace is composed of gasifier, flue gas purification system, carbonization machine, cooler four equipment.
    Continuous carbonization furnace is the first material through the gasification furnace combustion, resulting in flue gas, after the flue gas purification system concerns the wood fumes and other gas impurities, the flue gas into the carbonization machine for combustion, to a certain temperature, the carbonization machine The need to carbonize the material, through the pipeline transmission, so that the material in the carbonization machine combustion, organic combustion needs to meet three points: heat, oxygen and organic matter, because the carbonization machine is almost confined space, can not meet the needs of oxygen, so that the material in the Carbonization machine internal 800 degrees high temperature, after the carbonization machine internal conveyor device speed adjustment will not burn ash, will only burn into charcoal. In the carbonization machine combustion of the material produced by the flue gas after flue gas purification treatment, the return to the carbonization machine for combustion, the machine's thermal energy to run continuously to achieve smoke-free, environmentally friendly, continuous effect. 


The characteristics of continuous carbonization furnace:
1. Environmental protection: do not cut down trees, the use of organic waste production, turning waste into treasure. And the production of ordinary charcoal to cut down trees, destruction of the ecological environment.
2. Clean health: flammable, smoke-free, no carbon head, burning without spark, burning ash during the natural fall does not float up, ash 3% or 6% after burning less residue.
3. High energy: fixed carbon content of more than 80%, calorific value of 7500-8000kcal / kg, and charcoal fixed carbon content is low, calorific value 6500kcal / kg or so.
4. Low water content, within 5%: ordinary charcoal water content.
5. Products do not contain chemical substances, non-toxic no smell, no pollution, burning a long time and so on.
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