Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill

Product introduction:

Hammer mill, also known as wood slicer, belongs to one of the series of wood processing equipment. Widely used in textile, papermaking, pulping, wood-based panels and other industries in the production process of material preparation section. The main cutting materials of the machine are small-diameter wood, bamboo, board and leather after peeling, as well as firewood residue after cutting. Hammer crusher is the most widely used crusher at present. It has a high quantity of electric products and good versatility. Some hammers are connected with the rotor. When metal foreign body enters the crusher, it only breaks the screen, and no serious accident will occur. However, the particle size of the crusher is uneven and there are many powders. Its structure consists of feeding mechanism, crushing chamber (rotor, hammer, screen, tooth plate) and discharging part. It consists of three parts (fan, aggregate barrel and dust collecting bag). When working, feed enters the comminution chamber from feeding mechanism, flies to the tooth plate under the impact of high-speed rotating hammer, and is hit again by hammer after collision and rebound with the tooth plate. At the same time, between sieve face and hammer piece, feed is strongly attacked. Under the repeated impact and friction, feed is gradually crushed. The pulverizer without fan is discharged through the sieve hole by the air flow in the pulverizing room. When the crusher with fan pulls the crushed material out of the sieve hole, it still needs to separate the air in the mixed air stream from the crushing through the crushing device (such as the aggregate barrel, dust collecting bag, etc.).

Structural Composition of Hammer Mill

Mainly composed of machine base, inlet and outlet, cutter disc, chassis, chipper blade and electronic control, the machine can adjust the chipper blade according to the need to produce different specifications and thickness of wood chips.

Use of hammer mill:

Hammer mill is a special equipment for producing wood chips, which is widely used in papermaking, particleboard, MDF, etc. The main raw materials are logs.

Hammer mill advantages:

1. The new chipper, large disc chipper, tree root chipper, board chipper, wood chipper and wood chipper have high output, low energy consumption, high quality of wood chips and high cost performance ratio.

2. The disc chipper of chipper has compact structure, reasonable layout, simple installation, convenient operation and maintenance, and high production capacity. When cutting logs, the quality of wood chips is high.

And the length of wood chips can be adjusted freely within the prescribed range. It is an advanced woodworking machinery and equipment in China.

3. The output of disc chipper, users can choose their own models according to their needs.

Technical parameters of hammer mill:

Production capacity: 2-10 kg/h

Material Limit: 6mm

Distribution motor: 220V 0.55kw

Shape size: 680 *440 *920 mm


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