The Working Principle of Sawdust Crusher

Brief Introduction of Sawdust Crusher

Wood scrap machine is also called (wood cutter, scrap crusher, wood scrap granulator, sawdust crusher) is a special equipment for producing high-quality wood powder (sawdust). It is widely used in paper making, edible fungi, machine-made charcoal, particleboard, sawdust board, high density board, medium fibre board and other industrial production of spare material section and a single production base of wood powder (sawdust). The cutting materials of the pulverizer are mainly logs. Branches. This series of wood chippers (wood chippers) adopt low-voltage or high-voltage motors, large wood chippers (wood chippers), disc wood chippers, there are belt wheel drive and direct drive two ways; feed level and tilt two ways, discharge and discharge two ways. The internal structure of sawdust crusher is mainly composed of upper body, lining board, crushing tool, lower body, rotor, fan, discharge pipe, chassis, bag dust collector, etc. The unique lining board of the equipment increases the wear resistance of the equipment, and the dust removal equipment solves the problem of dust pollution more humanely. Workers will not be polluted by dust while operating, and the finished products are also very clean.

Sawdust mill can process pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, Chinese fir, log and bamboo. Because of its compact structure, it occupies small area, has good quality, low power consumption and is suitable for mobile operation.


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