Chicken manure drying machine

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Brief introduction the new type chicken manure drying machine

The form of new type chicken manure drying machine:
The new type chicken manure drying machine is made of chicken manure drying drying machine main body (drum), a transmission mechanism, a feeding mechanism, a feeding mechanism, heat source system, dust removal system, deodorization system, conveying system components.

Working principle of new type chicken manure drying machine:
High moisture wet fresh chicken by a screw conveyor feeding mechanism by uniform into the rotary drum,the high temperature zone provided by the heat source system is rapidly dried to a moisture content below 40%,Moving towards the discharge end under the action of the guide plate in the roller,By the crushing effect in the process of moving the system,The agglomeration of chicken manure was crushed loose, increase the heat exchange area, accelerate the speed of heat exchange.As the material moves through a medium temperature zone, low temperature zone, cooling zone, chicken manure is dried to moisture content below 13% in a loose state, is discharged through the discharge mechanism.The drying process of water vapor generated and powder and odour gas by pipeline by exhaust to dust removing system and deodorization system after emptying.Chicken manure is the high temperature gas flow in cylinder sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, namely to good quality, efficient organic fertilizer or feed.

Structure feature of new type chicken manure drying machine:
The new type chicken manure drying machine as the heat source of gas furnace gas, full combustion, high temperature, energy saving and environmental protection;Sealing device of stainless steel flakes using a new type of chicken manure dryer, good sealing effect, long service life, convenient replacement and low cost;The new type chicken manure drying machine adopts stepless crushing mechanism, according to the different moisture content of chicken manure to adjust the speed, strengthen the crushing effect, obtain greater heat transfer area, improve work efficiency, drying chicken manure uniform size, water content is stable;The new type chicken manure drying machine dust removal system series deodorization system, according to customer requirements, dust removal, convenient configuration of different requirements of environmental protection and deodorization system.

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