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Product Show Of Air Pipe Dryer:

Airflow dryer is the moisture content of raw materials through hot steam flow, through the pipeline for drying, to achieve the purpose of production of raw materials for the rod, such as sawdust, rice husk, bran Tsuen slag, vinegar residue, Chinese medicine residue, branch tree Skin crushed at the end, all kinds of crop stalks and other coarse wood fiber materials.
Drying machine operation process:
1. Install the dryer according to the map, the pipe to the interface to add fire asbestos, the interface screws to tighten, can not leak, the motor (5.5KW) and the exhaust fan to keep a line, V-belt tight, 380V voltage, after installation into the drying preparation.
2. Dryers in front of the stove to maintain balance, the door opened, into the burning of raw materials, such as coal and firewood, after ignition, you can open the dryer power, until the dryer is running, can be placed The raw materials to be dried, the raw materials into the next hopper, can be kept while drying edge feeding, the material can be used to manually weave bag material. If the baked raw material does not meet the required drying effect can be repeated drying.

1. Hot air stream dryer is our newly developed and advanced drying equipment which also called air pipe dryer.
2. This hot airflow dryer adopts twice circulate heating system.
3. This hot stream dryer shows the features of automatic feeding complete mix of air and materials, strong drying strength, less dust and large working capacity.
4. If the moisture in the raw materials is not over 50%, the material can be fully dried only once to meet the requirement for charcoal  manufacturing, which is much labor saving compared with traditional drier.

Technical Parameters:
4 Kw
5.5 Kw
Moisture of materials
Moisture of materials after drying
1500 KG
1800 KG
Maintenance and repair:
     The maintenance and timely maintenance of the equipment of the machine is directly related to the service life of the equipment. Dryer shall not operate in the leak days, no rain and exposure, after the use of exhaust fan to add lubricants, the motor belt wear and tear after the timely replacement.
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