Box-type Dryer Machine

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Description Of Boxtype Dryer Machine:
Hongrun box type dryer ,who is charactered with even  processing ,high speed, great efficiency,non-sticky for material.They are designed with auto-contral temperature, auto-remove,  keep  material's primiary status and color,that improve products quality.Hongrun boxtype dryer has strong point what are reasonable constructure,excellent quality ,lower energy consumption,conviently conveyor.

Product Show Of Boxtype Dryer Machine:

1.Heating wind recycles in the box,there is highly thermal efficiency, can save energy resources.
2.There is asjustable splitting wind plate in the box,in order to recycle strongly wind.Heat resources have vapour,heat water, electricity,far infrared ray and so on.
3.Dry can balance ture round without noises.
4.Auto-contralling temperature and easily maintenace.
5.Machine widly suit deferent material,who is global drier.
Hongrun dryer uses two pure wind from hot blast furnace and pipe heater.Wind temperature can contral.After heat wind going into the high humidity axial flow fan through material produces recycle wind,who flows back and forth at any time by setting. Usually wind direction is changed once every thirty minutes, the same time middle part window-shapes of the dryer naturaly discharge water. Completely every grade material can be dried.

Box type drying machin inner :


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