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Spiral conveyor

Product Introduction:

The spiral conveyor is a new conveying equipment  for coal, cement, clinker, sand and other small particle materials with power device, gear box, coupling, screw axis and hanging bearing. The screw axis is made of several sections connected with spline, so the conveyor has large load capacity and convenient to dismounting. Using the besel on the casing can ensure a safe operation.
It is easy to install, so this spiral conveyor can be used for cement plant or conveying powder in field working.  It is applicable for transporting powder granular and small blocked bulk material, such as clay powder, cement, concrete, sand, stone, grain, coal, etc. Besides, the spiral conveyor carries out gathering, stirring, mixing, dehydrating, customizing material, unloading and stacking during conveying.

The screw conveyor has the following characteristics
1) structure is relatively simple, low cost.
2) Reliable work, easy maintenance and management.
3) compact size, cross-sectional size is small, small footprint. In the port unloading unloading operations easy access to the hatch, car.
4) can achieve sealed transport, is conducive to transport easy to fly, hot and strong smell of materials, can reduce the pollution of the environment, improve the port workers operating conditions.
5) Easy loading and unloading Horizontal screw conveyor can be unloaded at any point on its conveying line; the relative screw conveyor can be equipped with excellent reclaiming performance for vertical screw conveyor.
6) can reverse delivery, but also a conveyor at the same time to transport materials in two directions, that is, set to the center or away from the center.
7) unit energy consumption is large.
8) material in the transport process is easy to crush and wear, spiral blade and trough wear is also more serious.
Daily maintenance management
Screw conveyor in the use of the process, we must pay attention to the daily maintenance, so as to the greatest degree of cooperation with the sand dryer, to ensure production and efficiency, but also to extend the service life of the equipment.
(1) should be regularly to the bearings, gears and chains and other transmission parts plus lubricating oil.
(2) box to send machine disabled, should check the spiral blade wear and tear, wear and tear when serious wear.
(3) the amount of delivery can not be overloaded, otherwise the material row is not, causing the screw shaft bending and box rise bad.
(4) the delivery of the media when the degree of depression is high, it should be noted that the expansion and contraction of the box is free and no card of the place, if you have to pay close attention to solve.
(5) Conveyor in operation, the issue of noise harsh, should cover the inspection, troubleshooting.


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