Charcoal Pulverizer Crusher

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Charcoal Pulverizer Crusher

Hungrun charcoal pulverizer is used crushing charcoal ,who can break charcoal into powder,and then further processing charcoal powder.Crusher is named mill, whose rod bears whole working burthen,so rod depends on successive maintenance for long life length and stably working.

coconut charcoal                       hardwood charcoal                        grass medicine charcoal

corn cod charcoal                      plastic charcoal                             corn charcoal

 charcoal powder

1.It is  essential when adding pure oil and screwing home oil box cap.
2. Users need to usually check up the first installed strake  who is able to become less crowded
3. Users ensures that every part is normal at working or not.
4. Usersconstantly should  pay attention to how about machine's wear and tear,and then renewal part in 
5.Users enssure underbed plane completely cleaned for sliding shaft moving unlimited.These can avoid 
streng trouble.
6. Stop working ,check and emilinate reason  when rod's oil temperature goes up.
7.Stop working ,check and emilinate reason  when there is noise  during wheel gear working.



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