Working Principle of Press Ball Machine

Working Principle of Press Ball Machine and How to Use Press Ball Machine Properly

Ball pressing machine is mainly used for pressing powdery materials which are difficult to form. Its characteristics are high forming pressure, adjustable main engine speed and equipped with screw feeding device.
(1) The ball press motor drives the hard tooth surface reducer. The low-speed output of the reducer is parallel to two axes. The ball roll is driven by the gear coupling. The feeding mode of the ball press adopts spiral propulsion and exhaust device, which is suitable for dry powder forming, i.e. dry powder ball press. This kind of transmission mode has the advantages of smooth rotation of pressing roller, long service life of gear, large transmission torque, and high linear pressure of roll surface up to 100KN. It is generally used in dry powder pellet production line of metallurgical and refractory enterprises. Due to insufficient development of this type of machine in China, there are few single machines with large output up to now.
(2) The ball press motor drives the reducer, and the low-speed output shaft of the reducer is a single axis. The coupling drives the relative motion of a pair of large gears on the ball roller shaft, i.e. the suspended gear form. This transmission mode is widely used by most ball press manufacturers at present. Briquette is widely used in China because of its simple structure and low price.
(3) The improved type of ball press: that is, the suspended gear is changed into gear box, the transmission torque is increased, the production capacity is increased, and the price is much lower than that of the double output shaft. The roller press has been gradually popularized in China.
(4) Open drive mode of ball press: that is, the motor of ball press directly drives several gears of open drive, which is limited to small-scale test or very low-yield use, and has been phased out in the domestic market.

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